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CDC Concession Volunteer Information

Carmel Dads' Club Concessions

Volunteering with The Carmel Dads' Club
The Carmel Dads' Club calls for all families to serve in at least one of the four designated volunteer positions every season they participate in a sport.  Families can choose from Sport Commissioner, Head Coach, Team Sponsor or Concession Worker.

We understand that not all families are able to volunteer due to other commitments or schedule conflicts.  To accommodate this, we do allow families to pay a volunteer fee in lieu of working.  If you would like to opt out for this season, please click the link below to pay the $25.00 Volunteer Fee at this time. 

Pay Volunteer Fee Now

Concession Worker Volunteer
Volunteering as a concession worker is a fun way to fulfill the season's volunteer requirement.  It is fast paced and interactive.  Working concessions is also a great opportunity to meet other CDC parents.

Please click the link below to enter the Concessions Volunteer Site.
If  you have volunteered before, enter your email address and password.  If you are a new volunteer, you will need to create a new Volunteer Registration System account.
Concession Worker Guidelines
- Each family is only required to volunteer for ONE 2-hour shift per season.  You do not have to do a shift per child, it is per family.
- Volunteering applies to ALL CDC families: Rec Leagues, Travel Leagues and families with KAP scholarships.

- Concession volunteers must be 15 years old or older.

- You may volunteer at any venue.  Please note, not all sporting locations have concessions.  You may  need to volunteer at a different location than where your child plays.

- All shifts need to be registered ahead of time.  Scheduling for a shift is done on our Concession Volunteer Site.

- If you need to change or cancel your shift for any reason, please do so no later than 48 hours before your scheduled shift.  Log onto the Concessions Volunteer Site to make changes.  Be sure to remove your old shift when choosing a new one.

- In an event that a shift is cancelled due to weather or any other means that are beyond our control - you are still required to fulfill your volunteer obligations and reschedule for another shift within that sport season unless otherwise notified by the Concessions Coordinator.

-If your volunteer status changes during the season (i.e. you are now a HEAD coach, team sponsor or sports commissioner), please contact the office so that we can remove you from the concession list.

- Failure to volunteer in one of the designated positions (i.e. concession worker, head coach, team sponsor, sports commissioner or pay the opt-out volunteer fee before the end of the season) will result in a $50.00 post-season fee.  This $50 fee includes the $25 volunteer fee AND $25 for not fulfilling your volunteer requirement.  It is possible your CDC account will be placed "on hold" and you will be unable to register for future sports until the assessment is paid.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q) My child is on KAP (Kids All Play) Scholarship.  Do I still need to volunteer?
A) Yes. All families must volunteer in some way during the sport season.  You must select from team sponsor, sports commissioner, concession worker, HEAD coach or pay the $25 volunteer fee.

Q) Can my child come with me while I work in the concession stand?
A) For safety reasons, only persons over the age of 15 are allowed in the concession stands.

Q) Can a friend or family member work my shift for me?
A) Yes, please.  We depend on volunteers.  If someone else would like to fill in for you that would be great!

Q) I don't want to work the concession stand.  Can I just pay the fee?
A) Yes.  We understand that circumstances change and volunteering may not be possible.  Families can opt-out of working by paying a volunteer fee of $25.  This needs to be paid BEFORE the season is over or you will be subject to an additional post season fee for not fulfilling your obligation.  Paying the volunteer fee can be done at this link:
Pay Volunteer Fee Now.

Q) What happens if I don't work a concession shift?
A) If you do not work a concession shift or volunteer in one of the other designated positions (i.e. HEAD coach, team sponsor, sports commissioner or pay the opt-out volunteer fee before the season is over) you will be subject to pay a $50.00 post season fee.  The post season fee includes the $25 volunteer fee AND $25 for not fulfilling your volunteer requirement. It is possible your CDC account will be placed "on hold" and you will be unable to register for future sports until the assessment is paid.

Q) I helped out as an assistant coach or filled in for our head coach when he was not there.  Am I exempt from working concessions?
A) No.  Although we truly appreciate the parents that step up and help out the team, the only coaching position that fulfills the volunteer agreement is the HEAD coaching position.

Q) During the season I ran the clock at my child's games.  Does this count towards my volunteer requirement?
A). No.  The only positions that fulfill the volunteer agreement are sports commissioner, HEAD coach, concession worker and team sponsor.  We are so thankful that we have parents that go above and beyond their duties to ensure the games run smoothly and soundly.

Q) There is no concession stand where my child plays.  Where can I work?
A) Please note, not all sporting venues have a concession stand.  Be sure to check the list on the Concession Volunteer Site for available locations, times and dates.  The Carmel Dads' Club manages multiple concession stands for both Carmel Dads' Club sports and Carmel High School athletics.  Often families pick a location that is convenient to their home instead of where their child plays.
 Any questions, please contact the Carmel Dads' Club office at 317-846-1663.