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Avoiding Knee Injuries
December 9th 2008 -
Dr. John Hur, orthopedic surgeon with Methodist Sports Medicine, shares his tips. Warm up Before exercising, walking or riding a bicycle, stretch the muscles in front of the thigh (quadriceps) and the back of the thigh (hamstrings). This will reduce tension on your tendons and relieve pressure on your knees. Take it slow When starting a new exercise program, don't overdo it. Strengthen your leg muscles by doing specific exercises, such as walking up stairs or hills or riding a stationary bicycle. Wear proper shoes Be sure to get properly fitted shoes that are the right kind for your activity. Make sure they are in good enough condition to help maintain balance and leg alignment when you walk or run. Knee problems can be caused by flat or overpronated (rolling inward) feet. Special shoe inserts (orthotics) molded to your foot's shape can help. Maintain a healthy weight If you're carrying extra pounds, lose 'em. Being overweight or obese stresses joints and increases the risk of degenerative arthritis. For more information on knee injuries, visit www.methodistsports.com